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Huacheng Ultrasonic Equipment Service Policy

In the case of normal use and maintenance of all products of Huacheng Ultrasonic Equipment within the warranty period, there are problems or failures in the materials and functions of the products themselves, which are verified by investigation,
The company will provide free warranty service。

This warranty does not apply to the following situations:
A. The product is out of warranty;
B. The user did not follow the instructions and guidelines, causing damage to the product;
C. Disassemble, repair, and modify the structure without the authorization of the company;
D. Unable to provide warranty card and proof of consumption;
E. Product failure or damage caused by natural disasters and other force majeure (such as earthquakes, fires)。
 Note: After-sales warranty service does not include product transportation costs and does not provide on-site repair services。

After-sales contact information
After-sales phone:0755-27607949      /       After-sales address: Area A, 3rd Floor, H8, Xinwei Third Industrial Zone, Xinzhuang Community, Gongming Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen

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Note: Service hours are Monday to Friday 9:00-12:00,13:30-18:30。
The right to interpret this warranty clause belongs to Huacheng Ultrasonic Equipment!
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